Would the world look a little different to you if you woke up and knew you had an extra hundred grand coming in this year? One transmission job a week equals $100,000 a year in your pocket. ($2,000 × 52 weeks). One more job a week is not that much, but it has a big payday. Today it is not uncommon for a shop owner to have an $8,000-$12,000 week break-even point. If you are breaking even now, then that extra job is what you would get paid after everybody else gets paid. So, let’s take a look at how to get one more extra job a week in the bank and make sure everybody else gets paid including the owner. 

Individual goals

It will take an effort involving everyone at the shop. So, let’s set some individual goals.

The shop owner must make sure his advertising is getting the maximum results for the money he is spending. Take a second look at your advertising strategy. You might find that things have changed and come up with a new strategy that will find that one more job. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Implement sales and production reports for all employees. Monitor sales and production reports daily. Make sure everyone is doing their jobs.

The manager must start recording every lead so the shop has an accurate, current lead count. He must focus on his telephone procedure and try to get that one more job in. Create an urgency. Start calling back customers who did not show up for their appointments. Order parts as soon as a job is sold to keep the parts coming on time. Make sure that there are no production gaps by planning out production ahead of time and keeping everyone busy. Make sure the customers will pick up their vehicles we are working on this week.

The builder must focus on time management. Maybe we start by leaving the builder alone. We all agree not to disturb the builder unless there is a very good reason. Stay out of the building room. Managers, owners and installers cannot just walk in anytime they are bored and start talking to him. Managers cannot pull him off every time there is a heat case up front. Delegate time needed to perform road-test diagnostics to others when possible, and have them report their findings to the builder. Everyone needs to help keep his “belly on the bench” as much as possible and allow him to build that one more job.

The diagnostician must facilitate sales. We cannot sell anything until we get it diagnosed. The external diagnosis must be started within 30 minutes after the vehicle arrives. The external diagnosis should be completed in no more than 30 minutes. If the diagnosis cannot be completed in 30 minutes, report to the manager and let the manager make the decision to proceed or to call the customer and sell extra diagnostic time. That will get every vehicle that comes in an external diagnosis within an hour. Be ready to take in and diagnose new work in a timely fashion. Try to keep one lift free at all times for new leads. We will diagnose a walk-in, while he waits if necessary, to pick up that extra job.

The installers must stay busy. If there is a job that needs to be removed or installed, they have to be on top of it as soon as it is available. If not removing or installing a transmission, they can be helping the builder wash parts, help the diagnostician by clearing a lift, answer the phone for the manager when he is on a road test. Be the get-it-done guys in the shop. By making sure their work is done in a timely manner and helping other teammates do their job when idle, they will help get that one more job we are looking for.

Team Goals

We will focus on time management as a team. We will improve our turnaround time without compromising quality. The manager will have a production meeting every morning before work and set production goals for the day. Technicians will take work assignments in the order the manager lays them out for them.

Make sales our No. 1 priority. Everyone will do whatever it takes to support the manager in sales. We will get the initial diagnostics performed for him within one hour of the vehicle’s arrival.

No pre-closing. We will work on our assignments up to 6 p.m. and then shut the shop down. Road tests are no longer than 15 minutes. No personal time off for 30 days. Keep the shop clean and neat.

Work smart. Communication all day long between employees helps us reach our team goals. Find ways to become more efficient, like organizing the parking lot, for example. Set up a designated parking area for work in progress that is closest to the lifts in the shop. Set up separate parking areas for vehicles that are ready to go, in diagnostics, under warranty, abandoned vehicles and vehicles for sale. Draw a diagram and post it in the shop so that we can use less time moving cars and be able to know what is what on the lot at all times.

Shop owners might offer up a little bonus if the employees reach the shop goal. Who knows, maybe they can produce two or three more jobs a week. Share the wealth a little. Then start thinking about how you are going to spend that extra money in your pocket. $104,000 is not pocket change. Behind on your parts bill? One more job will dig you out of that mess. Take the extra money and do what you have been thinking about doing for the shop. How about getting all greedy and putting a boat in the water for yourself? Or, if you are in trouble with Mama, put a new car in her parking space. One more job ain’t nothin’. An extra $2,000.00 a week look good? Let’s get going. You deserve it.