Every now and again, we take this featured supplier space in Transmission Digest to update the industry on what we’re doing. In the age of digital information and social media presence, it is amazing how quickly our list of columns, articles and features available to retail shops has grown. With the exception of the Transmission Tech/Talk, all of these are available because suppliers have sponsored the content with their advertising.

At its founding in 1981, the title of Transmission Digest was adopted to describe our approach to informing and educating this particular segment of the automotive aftermarket. Digest, as a concept, is not unlike the use of a rebuild kit that has collected into a single package the components from a variety of suppliers. Digest, to us, has always meant searching possibilities in order to amass all the latest thoughts and work products from a variety of knowledgeable sources and then combine those into a single unit for ease of use.

Transmission Digest

The focus of our efforts has been and will remain Transmission Digest magazine. Our flagship publication for the powertrain aftermarket is in its 28th year of serving this industry marketplace. A recent survey of Transmission Digest readers found that more than 98% of our readers want a printed copy of the magazine. Further study showed that 44% like the option of both digital and paper copies and nearly 55% still would use only the paper copy. This bucks an overall trend where, to save paper and postage, many industry publications have moved exclusively to digital distribution. Transmission Digest will not be abandoning paper and ink as long as our advertising supporters understand that, in this industry segment, readers would prefer to receive a “hard copy.”

That said, the magazine is published in digital format and is available during the month of issue at www.transmissoindigest.com. There’s no choice necessary as the current issue is available to anyone who would like to read it. The digital format is an exact duplicate of the printed magazine unless a rare, late change is discovered after printing – one that can be corrected in the digital format.

This month we are saying goodbye to a valued member of the Transmission Digest team. Editor Ed Peaco is retiring; he has been the editor of all the TD publications for the past three years. Ed’s duties are being assumed by Brent Wilson who, very importantly, won’t be retiring for many, many years. Brent, a recent journalism school graduate, is “bilingual,” which is to say his experience and schooling cover both print and online journalism.

During the past year we’ve greatly expanded the technical content of the magazine. Technical Editor Wayne Colonna, in example, continues to pen the Technically Speaking column. Wayne serves as president of ATSG and technical director for ETE Reman that recently acquired ATSG. Wayne’s coverage of automatic transmission technical issues has been joined by Mike Souza, who authors the Souza Sezz column and Ed Lee who contributes the Leeward Tech articles. In the past, Mike has been a transmission builder and has honed his writing skills working stints at both ATSG and ATRA. Like Wayne, Mike is well-known globally for seminar presentations he’s delivered throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Currently Mike stays busy and technically current through his job of technical adviser to SAP.

Ed Lee was, for several years, a contributor to Transmission Digest through the Sonnax-sponsored Torque Converter Tech and TASC Force Tips articles. He is the owner of Deltrans Transmission in Newark, Del. Ed recently retired from the training and technical department at Sonnax and has returned to operating his shop that builds both transmissions and torque converters.

After more than 30 years of authoring the Up To Standards column in Transmission Digest, Mike Weinberg, who is president of Rockland Standard Gear is semi-retiring from a monthly column to a manual unit article that will appear a few times a year in the magazine.

Terry Greenhut continues his long tenure providing management and marketing ideas for retail shops through his familiar column, It’s Your Business, that appears monthly. Terry has been both an author and a trainer focusing on the powertrain aftermarket for more than 35 years. Terry’s efforts are joined in the magazine by a very popular and cutting-edge REMAN U management column from ETE Reman’s marketing and support people.

Primarily for installers, the R&R Tech column is authored by the installation crew at Certified Transmission. This popular column is typically duplicated for inclusion in APRA’s Global Connection publication. In similar fashion, a general drivability column, Tech-To-Tech, is reprinted from the technical writers at ASA. Rounding out the menu of technical columns appearing on a regular basis in the magazine is the Sonnax-authored TASC Force Tips column that concentrates on issues related to valve bodies.

Transmission Tech/Talk

From the technical team at ATSG, Transmission Tech/Talk brings bulletin-style service for transmission builders. The monthly newsletter-formatted publication contains late-breaking topics and issues collected from the phone support people at ATSG. Transmission Tech/Talk is available by choice in digital format $129/year or add a mailed print format copy at $154/year. No matter which version to which one may subscribe, the annual fee includes full access to a searchable technical archive database covering every Transmission Digest and Transmission Tech/Talk article for the past 15+ years. The archive database is only available with a subscription to Transmission Tech/Talk.

But wait, there’s more:

ePowertrain Bulletin

Each month Transmission Digest notifies and provides a link to an email list of more than 12,000 readers for a digital only publication, ePowertrain Bulletin. The bulletin contains its own unique technical column, Shift Pointers, that comes from the ATSG team. Starting in December of 2018, shop management articles are being provided by Bob Cooper at Elite Worldwide. Cooper’s content replaces that from Art Little who, after more than two years of articles in the bulletin tells us he is easing into retirement.

The digital nature of the ePowertrainBulletin allows for some very valuable and unique opportunities. Each month’s issue contains the Transmission Theatre page that offers links to informative and “how-to” videos of interest to powertrain mechanics. Effective with the December 2018 issue there are links as well to the TransmissionBrotherhood, a Facebook consortium of transmission builders sharing ideas, unit diagnostic and building problems on their community page.

The bulletin is linked to our webpage: www.transmissiondigest.com. If you included an email address when you subscribed to Transmission Digest, you’ll automatically be notified when each month’s bulletin issue is available for reading. The notification email contains a direct link to the publication. To add additional shop personnel to the notification email chain, send us the technician’s name, the shop name and an email address to: epowertrainbulletin@transmissiondigest.com.

Launching Pad

The transmissiondigest.com website is another “digest;” an evolving and ever-more valuable tool for accessing everything Transmission Digest. In the next few months you’ll be seeing changes that we are designing to make the site easier to navigate and for users to more easily find desired content. The website serves as a portal to subscribing to all of our products as well as to accessing the digital versions of them.

For paid subscribers to the Transmission Tech/Talk newsletter bulletin, the site also provides access to the Transmission Digest searchable technical archives that contain more than 1,600 technical articles that have appeared in Transmission Digest, Transmission Tech/Talk or ePowertrainBulletin.

Transmission Technology is a Two-way Street

With all the website digital bells and whistles that we’ve deployed in recent years, we still have a person who answers the telephone and monitors the FAX machine. We get that this is an industry made up of people, not bots. There are retail shops that don’t spend the day posting to Facebook or checking emails; those that don’t make broad use of the Internet. Every subscription and request can be handled by a Transmission Digest person over the phone. We’re here and we’d love to hear from you: 800.274.7890.

Regularly we receive and share with the technical authors various comments, questions and problems that we receive from readers. Moreover, each author has an email address that they monitor for direct interaction with readers. A complete list of authors and their email contact addresses can be found on page two of every issue of Transmission Digest.