Bio-Hybrid GmbH, a company owned by Schaeffler Group, will present a new “Bio-Hybrid” personal urban mobility vehicle at CES in Las Vegas in January of 2019.

Two near-production prototypes will be shown. These are four-wheeled, pedal-operated and electric-assisted vehicles designed for urban mobility. The prototypes include a passenger version and a cargo version.

The passenger version is designed to comfortably seat two people, one behind the other, and the cargo version is intended for a single occupant with cargo-hauling capabilities.

Gerald Vollnhals, Project Manager at Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid GmbH, said that minimizing gridlock in the larger cities of the near future relied upon creating new “vehicles that in a connected and systemically shared environment attain high flexibility while minimizing the need for space.”
Both prototypes are set to be put in a test field in mid-2019.