Liqui Moly has announced that it is investing millions of dollars in Formula 1 series racing advertising to boost sales. Chief Executive Officer Ernest Prost said “We hope that out of the more than 1 billion viewers who follow this spectacle on television all over the world every year, it may occur to some of them to take a closer look at LIQUI MOLY and purchase our products.”

The company’s first large-scale advertisement in Formula 1 will be at the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 31.

Prost said “Formula 1 and LIQUI MOLY are a great match – after all, both stand for absolute top-class performance.”

The company has also been advertising during other sporting events such as the world handball championships and ice hockey world championships; the company has been involved nationally, regionally and locally.

“We go out to where the customers are and where they live – and that’s in their home country,” said Günter Hiermaier, Sales Director and second CEO of LIQUI MOLY.