S/P2 partnered with WD-40 Company to offer technical students across industries the opportunity to gain knowledge and boost their resumes through an online course.

The course, titled “Cleaning, Storage, and Maintenance of Tools and Equipment,” is meant to teach students how rust can negatively affect tools, what to look for when cleaning and maintaining equipment and how proper maintenance can help to extend the life of tools.

According to the companies’ release, “The credential is available to career tech schools and post-secondary institutions as part of the S/P2 automotive, heavy-duty/diesel and welding course bundles. After passing the course, students earn a certificate of completion and a third-party industry credential that can be highlighted in their portfolios and used as a differentiator during job interviews.”

“WD-40 Company understands that technicians invest a significant amount of money into their tools,” said Greg Kershaw, director of digital and e-commerce marketing for WD-40 Company. “If you are accumulating anywhere from $25,000-$75,000 worth of tools over the course of your career, you want those tools to last. This course can help young technicians learn how protect their investment.”

Since its debut in August, more than 21,000 students have completed the course and earned the credential.

“Teaching students how to properly care for and store their tools is an important skill,” said Kyle Holt, president of S/P2. “It’s something that employers will value, and when technicians learn how to care for their tools early, it will save them money over the long term. We are pleased to have worked with WD-40 Company to make this course possible.”