Transtar Industries has announced that it has continued to improve its Transend technology, which aims to allow customers to browse and purchase products with ease. The technology was recently updated with “Transend Connect,” a feature for sales associate assistance in purchasing.

Transtar Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tom Demille said, “The power of Transend is that we’re fusing cutting-edge solutions with superior customer service. Customers order parts online but our industry experts are still there every step of the way, ready to assist. This software grows our customers’ businesses and deepens our relationships with them. A true win-win, transend gives customers more time to repair vehicles, while also freeing our sales reps to advise shops on viable forward-looking solutions such as our RAP 2 Kit and our growing line of hybrid batteries.”

This new technology is focused on leaving behind large paper catalogs and making parts easy to find.

“Our team releases new features every month to stay in lockstep with the latest ecommerce trends. We are continually releasing API updates, and it is this commitment to ongoing improvement that attracts key partnerships with other industry leaders.”