What goes around, comes around. The Golden Rule. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. Karma.

Whether guided by logic or the divine, kindness is a powerful force to believe in. I do; I’m a firm believer that we do manifest good or bad based our actions and choices. No, not everything is sunshine and roses if you do good deeds. Of course not. Nor are the bad always justly getting what’s owed to them. However, there are benefits on many levels when the time is taken to do what’s right, to give back, to send more than your product out into the world.

The world is sometimes a competitive, cut-throat place. How can kindness win out? Should we quietly do good? Do we praise those who do? What about those who don’t?

Hire good people. It may be painfully obvious, you may be thinking, “No kidding, Louisa!” but here’s what I mean: are you hiring people who are active members of their community? Do they volunteer? Have a cause that’s near and dear them? Do they invest in mental, physical, or spiritual growth? While a “Yes,” answer isn’t a magic formula, hiring people who care outwardly certainly gives you and your business a great head start at attracting positive things.

Get some feedback. What are those great causes that your team members have? What would they like to get involved with and haven’t? Is there a companywide initiative that you could implement? Answer those questions and you’ll probably have a great idea of your direction.

Make it public. Spread the word and bring attention to your causes. Chances are you have partners that would love to get involved, too, if they knew about your projects. Giving is contagious! When you see or hear about someone doing good, you’ll be motivated, too.

Like attracts like. A large part of a business’s success is contributed to who you’re doing business with. If you find yourself at odds with more than a few business practices, maybe there’s an underlying issue.

Reap the rewards. Community awareness, growing with your team, new connections, improved workplaces, taking care of the environment, and overall attitude improvements are just a few of the many benefits of taking some positive action.

What you and I can’t control is how nice or kind people are, short of showering them in kindness ourselves. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do to improve our worlds – and our odds of attracting good things our way.

In the last year, I’ve seen the benefit of putting good out into the world first hand: through the implementation of an office recycling program, staff volunteering time to pack up food with Feeding America for Puerto Rico, and the simple acts of kindness in celebrating my coworkers each and every day. The result? The inspiration to write this, for one. Another? The hiring of more genuinely good people and more good deeds and good feelings every day.

If what goes around comes around, send out some good stuff. Identify opportunities to go the extra mile and watch what comes back. It starts with you.