After coarse adjustment, vehicle must be driven before making fine adjustments

Step 1: Unhook the TV cable from carb or throttle body. Have your assistant put the throttle to the floor and lightly and politely (engine off). With throttle to the floor, check and make sure you are getting full throttle. This must be verified before any adjustment is made.

Step 2: Before rehoming the cable, pull on the cable end and make sure it pulls and returns smoothly. If it’s not smooth, you need a new cable, or the TV plunger or internal linkage has a problem inside the transmission.

Step 3: Push the release button on true cable and push the inner jacket all the way back toward the bracket. Then rehook the TV cable and push true release button while your assistant puts the throttle to the floor, lightly and politely, engine off. Release the button, then let the throttle return to the idle position. Mark the cable at this time, just in case you lost this adjustment. This is called the coarse adjustment, and the vehicle can and must be driven before making the fine adjustments.

Step 4: Test drive the vehicle at light throttle. The 1-2 shift must happen at about 15 mph. The 2-3 shift must happen at about 28 mph. Don’t worry about 4th gear or lockup at this time. If the shifts are late, pull over, pop the hood and grab the cable adjuster with your left hand so it stays in place. When you push the cable adjuster button, pull the cable adjuster forward a few clocks. This will cause the transmission to shift earlier.

If the transmission happens to shift early after the coarse adjustment, grab the cable adjuster so it doesn’t move, and push the release button, and then move the cable back toward the bracket a few clicks. After you get the transmission to shift at the right speed for the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts, you are ready to verify the transmission has a full throttle 2-1 down shift. To do this, accelerate with light throttle, and as soon as the transmission makes a 1-2 upshift, put the throttle to the floor, The transmission must down shift to 1st gear. Don’t ship the vehicle if it has no 2-1 downshift. This means you need to make a fine adjustment to the TV cable regardless of the shift speed adjustment. If the transmission will not make a 2-1 downshift after making a 1-2 upshift, at light throttle you must adjust the cable back one click at the time until you have a 2-1 back shift at full throttle. Now you are ready to verify 4th gear and lockup.

If you follow this adjustment procedure to the T, the transmission will not fail due to incorrect TV adjustment.