In the December 2018 Technically Speaking® column, some examples of different internal transmission parts that break and the problems they can cause were discussed. This month’s article comes to you as a warning of what you can break if you are not careful. Some may have already dealt with this unpleasant experience that I guarantee was accompanied with quite a few superlatives. It has to do with the 6R140 transmission. Whether it is a gas (Figure 1) or diesel (Figure 2), this is a 350-pound monster. Around the converter housing and the rear of the case where the extension housing or transfer case mates (Figure 3), there is thin-walled webbing. Rolling this beast around on the bench can break the case easily in this area if you are not careful (Figure 4). When you see a chunk of the case sitting on the bench, its not a pleasant feeling thinking you may now need a new case. Another area to watch for is if you are going to pull the pump and drums out of the case on the bench as seen in Figure 5. The weight of these clutch drums can drop down and hit the area of the case where the pump goes. Damaging the case here can be catastrophic. Much care is needed when working on this transmission. Not only am I making a case for the 6R140, the tech needs to be careful as well to avoid unnecessary injury.