Jon at Wilson Transmissions received a 2010 Venza with a 3.5L/U660E combo from a used car lot. All seemed to be working good other than many dash indicators lit up. After scanning the vehicle and finding pressure switch codes (P0872 for TFP Sensor/Switch C and P0877 for TFP Sensor/Switch D), Jon ordered a TFP switch/TFT sensor assembly from the Toyota dealer.

When the pressure switch assembly was removed from the valve body in the vehicle, it was noticed there was a single switch only present (Figure 1). The replacement switch from the dealer included all three switches (Figure 2).

It was also noticed that there were only 3 wires at the internal harness connector (Figure 3), when there should have been 5 wires (Figure 4). Further inspection revealed blocked/missing passages through a VB cover plate to feed the missing switches (Figure 5), although the actual valve body feed passages were present (Figure 6).

It seems that around the time when the U660E went from being TCM controlled to PCM controlled in 2012 (perhaps the U760E as well), two of the three pressure switches were also eliminated. If a 2012 or later transmission is installed in anything earlier, you will have the same problem Jon at Wilson Transmissions was faced with.

The repair is simple; replace the entire valve body as an assembly with the correct VB cover plate, TFP switch/TFT sensor assembly and internal harness. The other alternative will be to modify what it by using the earlier five wire internal harness and 3 switch TFP switch/TFT Sensor assembly, provided that the large cover plate from an earlier assembly is also used (figures 7 and 8), or the later plate may be drilled using an earlier plate as a template.